MY DAILY 15-20

I wake up by 6am everyday and repeat the first affirmation that pops in my head - it’s usually the one I need the most. Grabbing my phone I’ll slide through my pinterest board of visualisations. Breathing these necessary reminders in, I’ll rise and register how my body is feeling. Having studied and taught yoga for a number of years I’ll always do a little light movement to make some space for breath and for what’s to come…

Breakfast for my 8yr old kid is a big bowl of porridge with lots of healthy toppings, and a side of vitamins and herbal tea. I’ll glug a long and warm glass of green tea with my daily turmeric tablet whilst my oat pancake cooks on the stove. Squeezing the teabag and patting it on my face (beauty thing) I’ll always take my breakfast straight to bed with my macbook pro.

This is the only moment I will have to myself until 14 hours later (at around 8pm) when I’m back from work and the school run, and dinner is done (gym if I’m lucky), my kid is in bed, and the kitchen mess is abandoned for me to collapse in the same spot where I started my day. In bed. So I revel in my daily morning 15-20 minutes I ceremoniously reserve for myself before starting the day.

Halfway through my 15-20, the breakfast tray will slide off and my macbook slides on. I’ll write a poem or a free-write, a plan, a memo, a revised mission statement, or make production notes (inspiration) on some content I’ve consumed. This activity usually transitions to my phone throughout the morning, continuing on evernote or on my instagram.

These daily 15-20 minutes, and probably everything that precedes them, is what keeps me focused. I’ll repeat the same ritual on the weekend even if an alarm for ‘work’ isn’t set.

Starting each day in this way harnesses my creative output and grounds me! Content, writing, production, publishing, and communications have been an obsession since my pre-teens. In the late 80s and early 90s I could always be found with my late dad’s VHS camera recording myself or someone else. I would produce fashion shows or stage a documentary. At that time there was no social media to share it on so it just ended up on a home video cassette or got recorded over with a weekend movie like ‘Back to the Future’.

The arts (especially music and dance) took a grip on me quite early. Not knowing how to harness my energy and curiosity, I went into quite structured industries. Since my 20’s I have amassed two decades in multi-industry content and communications settings, from the national press to NGO, from fashion to music & entertainment, from central government to entrepreneurs & startups. And as an independent consultant for more than 10 years I have helped build brands by extracting and articulating their message/mission/vision, all the way to creating EPK’s and reaching out to press on their behalf.

At times I would find myself frustrated, having not made time for my own creativity. Starting Life Vocabulary and recording and sound producing my podcast gave me this creative space as has creative writing and music appreciation/production. One on ones with clients or creative guests on my podcast means I get to do what I truly love and find effortless; extracting insight through conversation. Delving into the grey area of life and ideas, and providing rare nuggets for other creatives to benefit from is riveting. This ability to really see someone and articulate their ideas is something which happened without design, sprouted spontaneously, and is now an essential part of who I am and what I do.

This ability to really see someone and articulate their ideas is something which happened without design, sprouted spontaneously, and is now an essential part of who I am and what I do.

I am purposeful about building an engaged community of independent thinkers and do-ers who not only read/listen/watch my content, but contribute to it. Please feel absolutely free to get in touch.