… there’s so much to say about THERAPY. Having worked with multiple therapeutic professionals (from various disciplines) between the ages of 18 and 38 (now 41) and quite honestly, working with clients in a therapeutic way, I really am a fan of it.

Extracting the underlying stories and core ideas of a brand, startup, entrepreneur, and creative is never work for me. The process just unfolds and I find it to be a session where I’m truly present, occupying a present space with another, in an almost sacred way.

Hearing a creative share their fears, ideas, dreams, desires, and challenges feels like such an honour. Especially considering that I know exactly how it feels to be creating and producing solo without team members, only having yourself as a sounding board.

Over the years of consulting, podcasting, teaching, and producing, I’ve experienced so much time being way too much in my head and have been so grateful for the sounding boards I’ve had throughout the years.

More than coaching, having someone truly get your creativity - rather than just a life angle - has been like finding a unicorn you hope sticks around in your life forever.

Which is why my one-to-one creative surgery is so I can be that unicorn for creatives like you. One-to-one sessions in person or on a call, I want to be YOUR unicorn! To find out more about how a call would work drop me an email and we can take it from there or book your spot now.