Culture starts with you because...

… culture is transmitted. How and by whom is not in our control. What is within our grasp THOUGH is our own expression and being mindful of THIS THING CALLED ‘CREATIVE integrity’.

I’ve had many a conversation (on and off the podcast) about cultural appropriation. Whilst it exists, I find the ‘talking about it’ a big distraction. We could instead create/inform/educate our audience rather than providing endless commentary, something I’ve wrestled with since I started the podcast talking to creatives since 2016.

The only downside to self expression is that we could take a position where we don’t credit our influences. Where we believe it’s all us.

Culture is transmitted, shared, and evolving. That’s not to say that it is without roots.

If we are appreciating the branches and tentacles of a tree, it’s only right to credit the trunk, the foundation, and the roots. So in order to credit our source or the influence behind our creativity, does it then require us to provide a bibliography name checking our influences every time we produce a piece of work?

As creatives, our storytelling/commentary/expression is invaluable. It spurs discussion and evokes emotions of all kinds. Art stirs us and impacts the individual and collective. It has such power and reach that I wonder if it does in fact now require a side of context, or a B side.

But isn’t that spoon feeding when it’s up to our audience to interpret?

Culture starts with us and it has a source. It’s tentacles can’t be tamed but it can be traced back to an origin. In our new digital media era, there is ample space and platform for creatives/artists to provide a contextual side to develop the story with their audience; an audience that does actually thirst for more information.

It isn’t rare now for a symposium discussion to accompany an exhibition. And it’s always been the case that musicians have had to promo and talk about their music upon the release of it. So perhaps we should embrace having to deliver more context (and clarity) at a time when the line of being original and influenced is so blurred.