This has been an unscripted and unplanned topic for me to cover. It literally ‘came up for me’ and I jumped on the mic.

I revelled a little in my misery and pain and then was reminded that regardless of the censure coming my way - according to the great Brené Brown - 99% of the censure is/was coming from me. My head. My mind. My mind chatter. Now my recent posts on IG would have you believe that it’s only others that SHAME us. Whilst their language and energy can embed itself in us, it’s up to us if we choose to be paralysed by it. This is an empowering step in seeing shame, being vulnerable, and then (as Brené says) choosing to show up anyway and be in the arena.

No coincidences right but it just so happens that a poetry and spoken word organisation I love and work with has a monthly London night and the subject for this month is SHAME (8th October 2019).

One of the poets I know well - Fisky … whom I’m sure I’ll be grabbing a Nando’s with before - will be performing.

So so so interested in learning about how you overcome moments/phases of shame and if I’m fact you are able to recognise it for what it is (when it occurs).