How challenges can present opportunities

When I’ve struggled with not having enough time and attention for what I love I for sure tantrum (see earlier creative tantrum post). I can also get into a creative paralysis. That’s the worst!

But what I have found to be even more challenging is to find the opportunity within the problem. As a creative this is usually a bit of a head-f. I’d much rather just flow into creating and have all the time in the world for it all.

The reality is that even when I own all my time for my my creative life, there are outputs that require planning and client deadlines. So the ‘ideal’ is probably a nostalgia for student life when I had way more time on my hands than I realised and I should’ve and could’ve done way more with it!

Running your own agency, freelance career, juggling a 9-5 and/or multiple hustles takes up attention and time. Finding opportunities and running with them is vital.

I have found my production and planning has gone up levels since I had to work with time constraints. Trello , Hootsuite, and Squarespace have been the tools that help me to plan out all production and content - and that last bit… promotion.

These planning tools have also proven to be mechanisms that soothe my creative beast! Let me explain. Knowing that I have all my creativity planned and plotted and even scheduled and promoted whilst I am detained with ‘other stuff’ comforts my inner creative beast so much so that I tantrum less. Feel me?

When I had all the time in the world - before - I would create and publish on the fly. Probably only ever do things a day or two in advance. Now planning ideas, production, the podcast, and all my content weeks in advance removes some of the creative hysteria that accompanies life. What I’ve learnt? Regardless of how much time you have on your hands … planning and prep is essential if you’re in a creative career.

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