How big brands are stalking YOUR creativity

Adidas welcomes UK market to its US consumer rewards scheme 'Creators Club'.

Following its’ success in the US, Adidas is bringing its membership programme - the Creators Club - over to the UK, before expanding into the rest of Europe later in the year. 

Launching officially in June, the programme rewards customers with exclusive access to products, experiences and services in exchange for their time and advocacy. 

After members sign up to the Creators Club in-store or through the Adidas app, they can earn rewards through a range of activities, including attending Adidas events, buying products and providing feedback on products and services. 

The sportswear brand hopes to expand the scope to include rewards for activities linked to creativity and participation, which members can achieve by generating Adidas content or for the amount of km run through the Runtastic app. 

Rewards are split into four tiers, with 'Icon' status as the highest. As members unlock each level, they will gain greater access to special events, product customisation, priority service, members-only products and unique experiences. 

Discussing the launch, Adidas' vice-president of brand activation Europe, Roy Gardner, said:

"Not only will the programme reward consumers for how they engage with us but it will also allow us to continually refine our offering and react to what they want to see from us. It’s a personalised connection to the best of sport and style with creativity at its heart.”

Hmm…some thoughts.

I see this often with large and smaller brands. In exchange for your creativity and participation in their brand-building they are rewarding you with “greater access” (but not ALL access). The offer of vague ‘product customisation’ and ‘priority service’ is supposed to tease you into giving up your fresh and non-establishment take on a garment or accessory. Enticing you with exclusive memberships (eye roll) when we know it doesn’t put you in the room with decision makers for you to have more ownership over your ideas. And let’s not ignore the collecting of your data via their app. You participate in this consumer experience, with “greater access”, and they collect more data. So big brands benefit by collecting your identity and your ideas.

If YOUR expertise and intel will be funnelled into their own creative teams, who is this an opportunity for?