Don’t have to be on edge to create

Don’t dismiss the power of sleep! I’d become so work-minded that I viewed sleep as another to-do to get back on the hustle in the morning. Never was my mind fresh with ideas and the early morning pyjama boogie in my kitchen had vanished. The good gooey feeling had disappeared. Substantial sleep gives me that good gooey feeling like nothing else.

Just a week ago I was watching a segment about how Roger Federer like some very accomplished athletes sleeps at least 12 hours in order to fully recover and recharge. Apparently Usain Bolt broke a world record only 35 minutes after waking from sleep. I get it…

Perhaps there are some ‘obstacles’ like little kids that interrupt the ideal amount of sleep we need every night. I can’t debate that with you since we all know the answer… kids respond very well strict routine and patterns (just like us humans) and that includes encouraging them to go back to their beds if they wake up. Once they experience the good gooey kind of sleep they’ll not want to be disturbed. But if that doesn’t convince you then here’s another suggestion.

Earlier this week I posted on my IG about how I don’t have a stop button. And that when I am fully on, I need a fade-out to finally come to a halt and get that amazing sleep. I cannot function creatively if I keep pushing without stopping. A fade out routine (winding down) is a disciplined few hours every night that all of us - including our kids - can benefit from.

There is literally no excuse. Perhaps it’s our attachment to routines and habits that curtail us from benefiting from such powerful recovery and rejuvenation. The benefits far outweigh staying in that space of crankiness smothered with bad habits we think soothe us.

Sleep. Fade out routine. Function and thrive dynamically as a creative. If it means more earlier nights then so be it. The pay-off is worth it. But if you’re still not convinced…

NAP! Please start napping! I adore naps. Never could do them before. I used to feel disoriented and now I know it’s because my state is always tired and the naps help me register my tiredness.

If you’re always on the edge, you’ll never know how it feels to feel … well. Actual sense of wellness. You don’t have to be on edge to create.