Can't ignore the ca-ching

There’s this idea that being a ‘creative’ means that you are not money minded. That you’re not strategic. That you’re not aware of the consumer market. Or at least, you are not allowing the market to dictate your output. I call BS on this. And here is why …

Being a creative for me is about reaching people with ideas and content in a multitude of ways. If my mission is to incite insight then I’m not about to only produce what I want in my silo. Knowing what’s happening around me and what the market wants plays a crucial part in my content planning.

The danger of creating without awareness of your ‘market’ is missing opportunities to find more of your audience. Banksy’s recent installation in Croydon is a powerful commentary on the status quo. Paying attention to consumer behaviour and current click-trends is not only helpful to learn what works in terms of marketing, but what you could possibly socially challenge creatively and thereby more meaningfully connect with your audience.

Creating alone - almost disconnected - from the workings of the world, even if we don’t agree with the latter, does not help the mission. More resources and reaching a wider audience will only help the mission. Denying this almost speaks to an unconscious or conscious choice to live and create small.

Choosing to play small and justifying it with some ‘artist argument’ can encourage an indulgent creative-victim mindset where you expect your audience to just come find you - convincing yourself that if people love your stuff they’ll just come. This strategy won’t help your mission to reach more of YOUR people.

Thanks for reading. A little about my mission… I’m here to not only produce content that resonates with an independent critical thinking mindset, but to support creatives with their brand development. Contact me if you want to learn more about my one-to-one process. Peace.