Ban weddings! Solo goals please

Weddings are a circus and marriage has become one too.

  1. If you ban weddings then people will be focused on their actual lives on earth and what they’re here to contribute. You can still contribute to the world with an epic family of humans without a wedding, I love ceremonies but let’s banish the whole concept of weddings and happily ever after. It’s a meaningless distraction which actually damages creativity;

  2. If you ban weddings not only will it free up your hashtag goals life but it’ll get you thinking about other more important goals such as - your creativity? I’m not saying they have to be mutually exclusive but one ends up getting compromised because of relationship-marriage-wedding goals;

  3. This is a big one. Weddings destroy intimacy. On the whole they are like a prison sentence. Well marriages are. What’s wrong with having a really sincere and honest agreement between individuals? I appreciate that there is state protection etc for women - I get that - but the finality of marriage initiated by weddings is what causes a decline in intimacy. Yes I am absolutely generalising;

  4. Aiming for a wedding and a marriage gets in the way of intimacy with SELF. It’s used as a way to control or regulate urges. I would rather regulate my urges using my own discipline without the requirement of a structure outside of myself. No thanks;

  5. Ok last one … weddings and marriage suck us into culture and mass culture. And I aint about that life.

BE FREE. BE YOU. BE GIVING. LIVE AUTHENTICALLY. #LifeVocabulary and be sure to sub!