Dealing with creative tantrums

I throw these often. When the days start to resemble each other all I really want is to have some variety. Work is work (the J-O-B). And parenting is what it is. For my kid in particular, a repetitive routine is crucial. So how do I get around the monotony of it all?

Disciplined flow

I don’t. I suck it up! Fine, it’s possible to inject some variety into the week but in all honesty? The moments I start to feel a tantrum coming on, I need to act. Work-out, read, research, edit, clear up, cleanse ... all of the above. 

Getting fed up with the status quo is such a total waste of energy and time (even though time is just a concept... ahem). 

So! How to get around a creative tantrum? Don’t have them. It’s about discipline and telling yourself not everything is gonna feel like a HIGH. Get into a disciplined flow.