Being solo

I recently shared a post on IG saying “Go it alone but don’t be resentful about it. Relish the journey and the learning”. I added to the caption that this has probably been my biggest lesson. We all have struggles and challenges.

Comparing our joy or even our pain with others is the thief to our creativity. It’s the last thing we need to be doing.

For a while back in 2017 I would get really frustrated with how many hours I was putting into my platform, the site as it was then, and my podcast. Not frustrated with the nature of the work but the fact that I was doing it all myself (and still am) without cheerleaders and support.

Why don’t I feel this way now? Because I relish the fact that I get to be solo and create and produce on my own. I’ll have a whole host of conversations with others about all kinds of things - things to reflect on - and it all helps inform my process. - so I’m not isolated.

There’s a whole world of inspiration around us so being solo doesn’t have to feel negative.

What was absent was self belief. A recent convo I had with a brilliant musician who visited my studio the other day was that you have to have self belief x1000 (way more than you currently have). And that’s what I definitely was missing back in 2017 when I was dragging my tired self around London and creating SMALLNESS rather than creating in an expansive way.

Being solo + self belief will allow you to expand in ways you have never imagined. There’s no one you have to check in with and you are accountable only to yourself.

Lacking self belief? I would do what’s required to build that up. Put daily practices in place to build up that belief and trust in yourself. Doesn’t have to be creative but should be a disciplined practice. Something that makes you feel more like yourself and less like any of the frustrated negative mind talk.

Being solo is such an incredible growth experience. I am so grateful for having the guts, my voice, and all my skills to do it. I look back to 2016 when I first started Life Vocabulary (in fact a decade of being solo since 2006) and appreciate the growth and journey. It’s been really really insightful.

Going solo isn’t for the faint hearted. But why would you want to create faintly anyway? Go hard.