Is everything figure-outable?

There’s a YouTube and a real-life motivational speaker, author and life coach called Marie Forleo whose saying “everything is figure-outable” is now the title of her new book. Is it though? Figure-outable? Is everything figure-outable?

I’m going to be exploring this in an upcoming episode about overcoming hardship.

I used to be a real fan of Marie Forleo. I loved her YouTube content back in 2014 when I was getting motivated to create my own and also charge up my brand consultancy. At some point though, advice and motivation falls short of something.

This isn’t an issue related to Marie only. It’s the entire well-meaning industry of life coaching and motivational content. (Is it well-meaning though?).

For a while I’ve yo-yo’d between Gary-V’ing my content and then collapsing in bed night after night wondering what happened to me and my hustle. Life and its’ challenges don’t seem to respond to generic motivational tips. Not my life anyway. Balancing single-parenthood (add adoptive parenting and special needs) plus a full time job AND an inner hustle and passion that just won’t quit … generic advice just doesn’t seem to cut it. The problem solver would say … then write your own motivational content for people like you. This doesn’t make sense because challenges are relative and depends on how we are physically and mentally to cope with them.

There are periods of time I have all the patience and inner resolve in the world to get through it. During those times I could easily apply all strategic how-to’s and WIN. But when I’m stretched … something else entirely has to be applied to overcome or just manage ‘life’. The “everything is figure-outable” approach then just doesn’t cut it. But hang on …

Forleo has addressed this to a degree. Yes there are some who struggle more than others. But there’s a frame of mind we can all adopt to switch our mindset. I totally get that. It’s just getting to that point. When you’re deeeeeeep in the shit. And that’s where I think something else is required as a pre-cursor to that mindset.

That thing is … something i’ll share in the next episode. I’m journaling and researching about this and want your ideas and insight too. What helps prepare us for this state and mindset?